Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Just getting used to writing again

It's February 10, 2016. So many things have happened in the past year.  My goal is to write a short blurb on here at least weekly and then work towards adding more days to it.
I used to be pretty decent at writing and then I stopped.  That's what happens when you stop.  Stop doing whatever.  Most recently? I stopped exercising.  Why? well I was in my friend Rachel's wedding out in Tucson and I ran while I was out there. And then I came home.  And my routine was off.  Is it still off? Well, no.  I just haven't started exercising since I've been back.  Almost 2 weeks now.  Can I tell a difference?  Yep. Sure can.  Plus I eat everything in sight.  Oh man.  I gotta run - not literally....though I's time to pick up O.  Till next time.