Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Working Mom

There are days I just want to stay home and when my little girl says, "Mommy, I want you to snuggle with me" or as she snags my arm and holds on tight, "You're stuck! You have to stay here!" I really just want to throw down everything, excluding my coffee mug, and snuggle on the couch with her while watching Cinderella for the millionth time! There are other days when I so look forward to working and being out and being smart. At least that's what I lead myself to believe. It is good knowing that I have a gift and I am learning more everyday to enhance this gift to help others. It is a fine balance between motherhood and workhood. I would so love to be able to do both - why oh why is there not 48 hours in a day and I can stay home and watch liv AND go to work? Recently, as of today really, I have learned the art of working from "home". Yes, in this case it is more working from Starbucks but is not "at work" and I am feeling very productive! I think I may be more productive here than at work! Weird. Maybe this new way will give me more time with my sweet daughter. I suppose I will just have to find a place that has Internet AND a playground! Back to work.......

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  1. So sweet and ponderous. Wanna MAHMA with me mama?