Thursday, November 10, 2011

You have to get uncomfortable

Nothing gets accomplished when you are comfortable. How true is that. I rarely want to get up and clean something when I am in my pajamas sitting on my couch under my alpaca blanket with my cup of peppermint tea. And the truth is, I may even WANT to - but I am so comfortable with where I am and what I am doing that I don't. It's not until something happens; maybe I spill my tea on my lap, or my daughter yells she had an accident or Mike really wants me to come see his new bike that he just finished building - and even that is under protest.
When something happens in our community, whether that is a physical community (neighborhood, street, etc) or our community of co-workers, or a community of believers, that is when we decide that something has to change. This desire rarely comes after having a great work week where everything runs smoothly - all of my boys decide to have great days and sessions, family decide they want to love their children and I get a desk! No, this desire for change, this deep longing and need for something to be different comes typically after tragedy. Isn't that how it happened on Footloose? So what does one do when this happens? I am so comfortable wearing my sweats and drinking my tea (or coffee) do I get up? Do I just shrug it off and wait for something better to happen to me? to us? If I want to accomplish something, I have to get uncomfortable. If I want to be a better mom, I have to figure out what my husband and daughter need from me and change - If I want to change the way a family works with their child, I have to inspire change within them -AND THAT MEANS THEY GET UNCOMFORTABLE. How far does this go though? How far do we need to get uncomfortable before we do something? A drop of tea on my lap - I probably am not going to get up and do anything. Maybe even a small spill - I might just pick up something close to me and use that. So what does it take? My whole cup dumping into my lap, scalding my legs before I get up and do something? How far do we need to go to be uncomfortable. Does someone need to die before change happens? Do people have to get abused before something is done? How far do we need to get uncomfortable. I am uncomfortable right now. Very uncomfortable and I feel like I have spilled all of my tea and my friends tea all over me and I am uncomfortable. Now I need to do something. Nothing gets accomplished when we are comfortable.

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